CISO Dinner Chicago

A Breach Anywhere is a Breach Everywhere

Businesses today rely on IT more than ever before and one of the things they rely on it to be is safe, secure, and protected. While CIOs and CISOs continue to put up the good fight in this regard, their struggle only becomes harder over time as existing technologies such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are becoming increasingly unable to deal with ever more sophisticated bot-based attacks. In an era where a breach anywhere is a breach everywhere as a result of spilled and stolen credentials and where attacks are increasingly automated and occurring at mass scale, IT and IT Security executives can’t afford to let up for a second.

Join your peers and visionaries from the IT industry for this executive dinner to discuss the ingredients of the new enterprise web application security capability and a wide variety of other topics, including: measuring the costs of a security breach, old school security techniques vs new school security threats, and the impact mobile application security is having on enterprise security as a whole.

You’ll come away with a formal event report that provides discipline-specific technical and methodological expertise from relevant subject area experts and your peers.

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